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CA7AE: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations"
- The Great Law of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy -


Strengthening Community Access to and Utilization of HIV Prevention Services

Commitment to Action for 7th-Generation Awareness & Education: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project (CA7AE: HAPP) is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a four and half year project to provide Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to multi-ethnic communities, Tribal Health Departments, State Health Departments and other CDC funded CBAs and organizations serving multi-ethnic communities. Our directive is to assist communities who are providing HIV/AIDS related services to increase their capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Our mission for this project is to work collaboratively with communities to increase effective HIV/AIDS prevention, and encourage and support early detection through testing.

CA7AE Strategic Plan

  • To strengthen the capacity of CBOs and multi-ethnic communities through the development and implementation of regionally specific and community specific strategies to assess service gaps, improve access to HIV/AIDS services and increase utilization of services. CA7AE will train CBA recipients on use of the Community Readiness Model for assessment, application, strategy development, and action planning;
  • Increase the proportion of HIV infected individuals who know they are infected through enhancing early detection/testing. This will be done in collaboration with CBOs/communities who will develop community-specific and culturally appropriate strategies for education, awareness and early testing;
  • Increase the proportion of HIV-infected people who are linked to appropriate prevention, support care, and treatment services through building CBO capacity for consumer directed program development, enhancement, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability through local support and external funding;
  • CBA products that will be available under this project include: Training materials focused on use of the Community Readiness Model; Readiness Assessment, Scoring and Readiness Action Plan Development; Organizational Readiness Assessment and Action Planning; Resource Information; Assistance with Service System Descriptions; Evaluation/Sustainability Training; Social Marketing for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Early Testing Specific to multi-ethnic populations; and Program Marketing and Public Relations.

National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan

Vision of the National Strategy

Our vision for a national strategy is a concise plan for moving the country forward. Predicated on building on what we are currently doing, it will identify a small number of high payoff action steps that need to be taken to achieve each of the President's goals. We envision the strategy being a document that provides a roadmap for policymakers and the general public. We anticipate that the strategy will clearly describe the areas that require the most immediate change, the specific action steps that must be taken by the Federal Government and a variety of stakeholders, and specific targets for measuring our progress toward achieving the President's goals.

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Goals of the National Strategy

  • Reducing New HIV infections *
  • Increasing Access to Care and Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV *
  • Reducing HIV-Related Health Disparities *
* Information obtained from